AMRI offers scientific and technical expertise in filling products into sterile and ready-to-use syringes. We provide the flexibility to develop a robust filling process on our engineering fill line, then transfer the product to our large-scale filler for manufacturing of cGMP clinical or commercial finish drug products. The approach provides economical solutions as well as seamless transition and project management in preclinical through commercial-scale development.

Our syringe-filling capabilities include:

  • Various pump types
  • Line rates
  • Stoppering technology
  • Weight check technology
  • Range of syringe types
  • Syringe glide force testing
  • Syringe container closure integrity testing
  • Syringe silicone testing

Learn more about our syringe-filling capabilities at our sterile GMP manufacturing sites in Glasgow (U.K.), Burlington (U.S.) and Albuquerque (U.S.).