AMRI’s facilities produce commercial quantities of vinylphosphonic acid (VPA) and vinylphosphonic acid dimethylester (VPA-DME). As the market leader, AMRI supports you with the strengths and performance benefits of reproducible, high-quality VPA products. The outstanding product properties — arising from the uniquely short distance between a highly polar (phosphonic acid) and a nonpolar (vinyl group) moiety — drive the constant development of innovative applications. VPA and its polymers and co-polymers are particularly suitable for applications involving interfaces.

VPA and VPA-DME offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Applicability as monomer, polymer and co-polymer
  • Solubility in water and most organic solvents
  • Adhesion promotion
  • Strong metal complexation properties
  • Dispersing benefits
  • Excellent heat and hydrolysis stability
  • Flame-retardant properties

The use of colorless/odorless, water-soluble monomeric VPA and VPA-DME offers technical and economic benefits. Both monomers can be easily polymerized/co-polymerized to products with outstanding characteristics. The high purity and quality of AMRI’s VPA products ensure a high final polymer quality.

The introduction of VPA in polymers/co-polymers is not limited to polymerization via vinyl functionalities. Additionally, polycondensation and co-condensation reactions with sulfonic acid derivatives may improve existing applications and help to create new products that meet market needs.