Coupling and water removal are synthesis tools that stand at the cutting edge of high purity and cost-effective manufacture of amides and esters. Leading this technology is T3P®, an exceptional reagent for amide/peptide bond formation. The application of this reagent extends to other condensation reactions, such as esterification, and as a mild reagent for alcohol oxidation and the Lossen rearrangement.

T3P® provides excellent selectivity and high yields with simple product isolation by liquid/liquid extraction. Its advantages translate into high-quality products and improved economics, particularly for large-scale, complex coupling reactions.

The advantages of T3P® include:

  • Safe handling: No CMR properties, nontoxic, no allergenic or sensitizing properties
  • Wide range of other condensation reactions possible
  • Several pharma applications up to 100-ton scale
  • Reduced overall process costs
  • Easy purification and workup
  • Low epimerization during coupling
  • No additives required
  • Standard peptide couplings can be done in many different solvents and with common protecting groups
  • Broad functional group tolerance, mild reaction conditions and high yields