AMRI offers extensive expertise, facilities, experience and execution for assessing, developing, and implementing API syntheses that benefit from fermentation, biocatalysis, synthetic biology, and related approaches. AMRI’s multidisciplinary approach tightly integrates fermentation and biocatalysis tools with our extensive chemistry capabilities to design and optimize the best overall process for your project.

AMRI also offers decades of experience and examples for comprehensive support of programs from innovative Strain/Enzyme Selection and Route Scouting to rapid Pilot-Scale to efficient Commercial Manufacturing. Overall, the integration of biological synthesis approaches  with chemistry and process development offer improved Cost of Goods, new IP, enhanced and simplified process Safety, more efficient and “green” chemistry, and routes to novel molecules, etc.

Our general portfolio of Services includes:

  • Fermentation Development and Commercial Manufacturing
  • Biocatalysis & Biotransformation
  • Natural Product Production, Semi-synthetics and Natural Product Chemistry
  • Bioprocess Separations and Development
  • Drug Metabolite Synthesis