To purify materials of interest such as APIs and intermediates from impurities or degradants, our expert scientists conduct feasibility studies that include method development, component correlation between methods, target confirmation by LC/MS, method optimization, loading studies and stability assessments of the isolates during each stage.

We employ SFC as a complementary chromatographic tool for compounds or mixtures at the appropriate polarity range. SFC offers the advantages of green technology and faster isolation. Upon completion of the feasibility studies, we scale up the process for the purification of the target components with HPLC, LPLC or SFC, depending on the drug development phase and manufacturing stage.

AMRI’s inventory of chromatography media for preparative applications (chiral and achiral) provides extensive screening options as well as quicker turnaround on the processes. We apply both classic and chromatographic techniques to isolate materials of interest, including controlled and potent compounds.