Expertise in continuous flow chemistry is critical for the development and manufacture of intermediates and APIs, which require technologies that provide safe energy and solvent usage. Our continuous flow processing capabilities offer unique advantages compared with batch processes, resulting in faster, safer and more robust material production with higher selectivity of desired products.

AMRI’s facilities are built to suit the chemistry. Our expert equipment and capabilities include:

  • Tubular reactors and static mixers to handle multiple batch sizes (mg to kilogram scale)
  • Reactions that require micromixing
  • Commercial units including a Corning reactor, H-Cube for hydrogenations and custom-built reactors for high-temperature reactions (100–300 °C)
  • Ability to scale extreme temperatures (reactions from -78 °C to 150 °C using tubes and tube-in-tube reactors)
  • Ability to scale hazardous chemistry
  • Access to microwave, photochemistry, electrochemistry and sonochemistry