To support preclinical and clinical studies, our scientists provide bioanalytical methods for the extraction and quantitation of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids and tissues. When integrated with our market-leading technology, these bioanalytical services yield accurate and robust solutions.

Our complete suite of capabilities includes:

  • Biological sample preparation
  • Extensive expertise with diverse drugs and complex biological matrices, including plasma, urine, feces, bile and various organs and tissues
  • Rapid selection and method development from numerous options for analyte extraction and recovery
  • Quantitative bioanalysis: Rapid method development for quantitative LC/MS/MS analysis
  • Radiometric detection for radiolabeled drugs and metabolites
  • Calculation and modeling of pharmacokinetic parameters
  • Overall mass balance and distribution of drug compound and its metabolites
  • Structural characterization of metabolites by LC/MS/MS, LC/NMR, capillary NMR