Small Molecule Compound and Natural Product Libraries

AMRI has created a series of unique, high-purity, cost-effective, small molecule synthetic compound libraries designed for screening and hit-to-lead programs. We fully support identification and progression of actives from any of these libraries with high-throughput screening, lead optimization services, analytical and solid state services, custom synthesis and/or small- or large-scale manufacturing.

AMRI’s libraries include:

  • The Compound Library Consortium (CLC): The CLC provides access to diverse, high-quality compounds. Our emphasis is on designing novel, core compounds and templates, exploring a new chemical space by first identifying a set of compounds and then synthesizing the right compounds, purifying them to greater than 90 percent before delivery. Our objective is to achieve compounds with the best chance of providing you with quality leads suitable for optimization activities.
  • AMRI Synthetic Compound Collection (ASCC): ASCC comprises 105,000 compounds divided into sub-libraries of fragment-like, lead-like and drug-like molecules as starting points for hit identification through high-throughput screening.
  • Natural Product Libraries: We have collated a collection of nearly 300,000 samples derived from marine and terrestrial microorganisms and plants as a rich source of potential new chemical entities .