Insourcing is an alternative approach to outsourcing that delivers a combination of quality, productivity and cost-efficiency in real time. An on-site AMRI leader manages the insourced scientists, overseeing performance, recruitment and retention. Access our insourcing services to leverage AMRI’s scientific expertise while retaining control of critical operations within your own facility.

Our customized insourcing models offer end-to-end services and capabilities to ensure access to our highly skilled discovery, development and manufacturing teams. Insourcing’s real-time, face-to-face interactions, fluid delivery of materials and integration within your infrastructure result in shorter cycle times and highly efficient outcomes.

Key benefits of our insourcing services include:

  • Cost savings compared with outsourcing
  • Intellectual property integrity and security
  • Enhanced productivity and facility/resource utilization
  • Ease of communication for collaborative problem-solving
  • Maximized workforce flexibility: Quickly add staff or scale back without layoffs
  • Reduced project management burden

Customer Testimonials

“Excellent communication, flexibility to suit our needs, very high-quality work product.”
“Engaged, highly productive and responsive group.”
“Tremendous partnership… would totally recommend AMRI to others.”
“Especially productive and very responsive to our project’s needs extending beyond simply making final targets.”
“Well organized, very flexible in response to reorganization of targets… communication has been excellent.”
“Thoroughly impressed with my interaction with AMRI… not only with my direct contractor, but also with the local AMRI management team.”

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