We offer cutting-edge technologies, flexibility and experience for the production of quality recombinant proteins for nonhuman proof-of-concept studies, as custom assay reagents and to support protein crystallization programs. Learn how our complete capabilities help drive your path from concept to candidate.

Protein Expression

  • Expression construct design
  • Production (cloning and mini-prep)
  • Sequence verification (full length, bidirectional)
  • Expression in mammalian, insect, S. cerevisiae and E. coli cells
  • Transient, inducible and baculovirus expression strategies
  • High titer transient transfection (including co-transfections) by Maxcyte flow-through electroporation or lipid-mediated technologies
  • Culture in WAVE bag, spinner flask, shaker flask and HYPERFlask formats

Expression Testing

  • Transfection of eukaryotic host cells (for example: CHO, HEK293, sf9 or sf21)
  • Transformation of prokaryotic host cells (E. coli)
  • Clone selection and expression condition screening

Protein Production

  • Process design
  • Mammalian, insect or prokaryotic (E. coli) cell host
  • Up to 50 L scale production from transient or stably transfected host cells
  • Fast-track production via non-optimized process
  • Higher yield production via optimized process
  • 1 to 100 mg final product (reagent or in vivo, nonhuman test grade)
  • Process optimization (fermentation, transient transfection, expression conditions and time, harvest, chromatographic protocols and sequence or any combination of these)

Quality Assurance

  • Purity by SDS-PAGE with infrared detection (Li-Cor Odyssey CLx)
  • Quantity and concentration as determined by Bradford protein assay
  • Custom analysis for a particular product, such as: specific activity, Western blot, analytical gel filtration chromatography, limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) assay

Protein Purification

  • Cell lysis by microfluidics
  • Concentration by tangential flow filtration (Pellicon)
  • Purification by FPLC including AKTA avant
  • Axial or radial flow chromatography
  • Diverse column chemistries including IMAC, IEC, HIC, SEC and affinity
  • Non-GLP/GMP production of pyrogen-free material for in vitro assays and animal studies

Protein Conjugation

  • Conjugation reaction condition optimization and analysis
  • Non-GLP/GMP production of protein conjugate for in vitro assays and animal studies
  • Production of custom assay reagents