Our world-class high-throughput screening (HTS) capabilities include compound and sample management, conventional and next-generation HTS and access to state-of-the-art equipment, readout instruments and informatics. AMRI’s advanced instrumentation delivers speed and efficiency in screening novel targets so that you can quickly and cost-effectively identify molecules for advancement.

Compound and Sample Management

  • 105,000 small molecule library for HTS; 50% are unique to AMRI
  • Comprehensive hit-picking and reformatting automation
  • Sample inventory management including compound tracking and ELN
  • 9,000-cubic-feet, controlled-environment storage (cold or under nitrogen)

Conventional and Next-Generation High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

We provide cell-based and biochemical screening using all common detection methods. Our instrumentation enables the development of new and unique screens, massive automated throughput and analysis of big data (image data, imaging by mass spectrometry data and quantitative fingerprinting by mass spectrometry data) at high-throughput rates.

Our technology and capabilities include advanced readout instrumentation:

  • Biochemical and cellular screening
  • Functional and phenotypic assays
  • Label-free and labeled, including radiolabeled
  • PerkinElmer cell::explorer™ high-throughput robotic screening platform for increased screening speed, reduced amounts of compounds/reagents and significantly lower HTS costs
  • PerkinElmer Opera Phenix™ high-content imaging system
  • PerkinElmer Columbus high-content image database system
  • PerkinElmer Signals for improved data mining and visualization capabilities
  • Labcyte Echo 555 liquid handler for high-throughput screening
  • Essen BioScience IncuCyte ZOOM live-cell imaging system
  • PerkinElmer EnVision multimode readers, delivering up to 160,000 data points per day
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3 multimode reader
  • Molecular Devices FLIPR
  • PerkinElmer MicroBeta II
  • High-resolution and next-generation mass spectrometers for LC/MS/MS, including SCIEX ABI4500 QTRAP, SCIEX 6600 QTOF and HighRes Biosolutions PharmaPulse and Bruker Daltonics ultrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF
  • High-throughput, high-content image analysis (including MS-based phenotypes) with multiparametric statistical analysis of screening data
  • Multiple work stations for compound management and work-station-based high-throughput screening, including Tecan EVO and PerkinElmer Janus sample transfer systems and Thermo Multidrop Combis and Certus Flex bulk reagent dispensers