AMRI delivers a complete suite of services with scientific expertise, multiple entry points and cutting-edge technologies, collaborating to develop drug discovery research plans specific to your needs. We offer strategic consultation and expert solutions at every step of the drug discovery and development process, including:

Research Plan Development

  • Co-development with you to align with your needs and desired endpoint
  • Includes pragmatic go/no-go decision points
  • As complex or simple as your project or needs demand
  • First step toward proposal development

Establishment of Required Assays

  • Design and production of custom cell lines and proteins leveraging CRISPR gene editing technology
  • Development and validation of assays

Execution of Hit Identification Strategy

  • High-throughput screening of selected compound libraries, from AMRI or other
  • Execution of hit prioritization strategy
  • Verification of apparent structure activity relationships (SARs) — resynthesis of select hits and testing as pure compounds of known concentration

Hit to Lead

  • Medicinal chemistry review and recommendations
  • SAR by catalog and focused synthesis
  • Assessments of activity and physicochemical liabilities
  • Assessment of DMPK liabilities
  • Binding model development and utilization

Lead to Preclinical Candidate

  • Analog design and synthesis
  • Rapid cycle testing — potency, selectivity and metabolic liability
  • Optimization of SARs
  • Optimization of structure property relationships (SPRs)
  • Development and reinforcement of composition of matter
  • Optimization of in vivo efficacy and therapeutic index
  • Synthesis of compounds for nonhuman in vivo efficacy and non-GLP safety studies
  • Attainment of desired product profile
  • Comprehensive project management