By leveraging our complete suite of bioprocess capabilities, you can advance innovation in a variety of pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications. We rapidly prepare novel analogs of your starting compound to meet the pharmacological goals of your project. AMRI’s technology incorporates stabilized enzymatic and microbial systems into a high-throughput robotic platform. In addition, our large library of biocatalysts, supplemented by recombinant catalysts engineered in-house, allows for a broad range of biocatalytic chemistries to optimize reactions.

When integrated with AMRI’s extensive medicinal chemistry expertise, our biocatalysis services can expand chemical diversity and enable unique routes for lead optimization, generating unique structure activity relationships (SAR) and proprietary positions for you. Our bioprocess expertise, including large-scale fermentation and chemical process, drives rapid scale-up of new processes.

Leverage our biocatalysis and bioprocess capabilities for numerous applications, such as:

  • Natural products optimization
  • Prodrug design
  • Wide variety of transformations to complement classical medicinal chemistry
  • Hydroxylations and halogenations to enable new chemical “handles”
  • Regioselective modifications to refine SAR