AMRI’s experts bring more than 25 years of experience in the production of cytotoxic and other highly potent compounds, from grams to tens of kilograms per year. We leverage our expertise and capabilities to achieve superior quality with less waste. Combine these capabilities with our full-service drug substance platform to take your high-potency compound from discovery through manufacturing and into the clinic.

Certified by SafeBridge®, our facilities provide the most advanced technology for the production and safe containment of your compound.

We offer a complete suite of high-potency equipment and capabilities, including:

  • Development of your process in our high potentcy labs located in Albany and Grafton
  • Two high potency suites for the production of your API with reactors up to 400 L
  • 1200 L commercial production suite
  • Production of Schedule I–V compounds
  • Large-scale cryogenic capabilities up to 1200 L (to -80 °C)
  • Jacketed glass reactors
  • Portable Hastelloy® kettles
  • Portable glass-lined kettles
  • Portable and fixed filters/dryers
  • Isolators
  • Milling and co-milling equipment for particle size reduction
  • Expert cleaning, sanitization and decontamination processes for operator and environmental safety

Our extensive portfolio includes oncology products as well as neuromuscular blocking agents and immunosuppressants, manufactured for both oral and injectable final dosage forms. Learn more about our commercial APIs and intermediates.