Our scientists have mastered the efficient production of APIs and intermediates using a broad range of hazardous chemistries. We leverage technologies including halogenations, use of alkali metals, cyanide chemistry and many others. Our experts also carry out highly exothermic reactions and use highly reactive substances or thermally or mechanically unstable compounds. Through decades of experience working with hazardous materials up to a very large scale, we maintain the highest levels of safety and environmental control with even the most complex reagents and solvents.


We employ various technologies for the introduction of halogens into a broad range of substrates at large scale. These include chlorination of heterocyclic compounds with phosphorous oxy chloride, bromination of aromatic and heteroaromatic materials and the iodination of aliphatic and aromatic intermediates.

Reactive Metals and Alkyllithiums

We use lithium and magnesium metal as well as various alkyllithium compounds in our organometallic methods. Our experts bring two decades of experience handling such reactions at large scale. Due to the safety risks posed by the reactions of lithium and lithium compounds, we have invested significant resources into safety studies.

Cyanides and HCN

Our technology portfolio involves many different transformations using alkali cyanides and acetone cyanohydrine. Special palladium-based catalysts allow the substitution of aryl halides to aryl nitriles. Our enzymatic application portfolio involves oxynitrilase handling, yielding enantiopure cyanohydrins, mandelic acids, amino alcohols and other derivatives. In such reactions, we apply HCN that is generated by in situ methods to minimize safety risks.

Other Hazardous Chemistries

Our broad portfolio of hazardous chemistries enables us to offer optimal synthetic solutions and access to products that are not available with classical chemical methods. We possess the expertise and technology to combine such hazardous reactions within the highly different fields of modern organometallic, enzymatic and heterocyclic chemistry.