AMRI serves a variety of specialty markets with our fine chemicals offerings: Pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, oilfield, detergents, lithography, coatings, liquid crystal, metal treatment and fuel cells. 

We offer extensive scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology and synthesis capabilities:

  • Broad technological expertise, including boronic acids, prostaglandin precursors, organometallic, cross coupling and enzymatic chemistry
  • High-performance reagents like T3P® and special iodine compounds
  • Vinylphosphonic acid (VPA) for a variety of applications
  • Biodegradable oxa acids for the cosmetics, nano-coatings and pharmaceutical industries
  • More than 700 compounds available through our fine chemicals catalog

Our pharmaceutical offerings in fine chemicals include:

  • 1-(1-Ethoxyethyl)-pyrazole-4-boronic acid pinacolate (EEPBP), CAS No. 1029716-44-6
  • 1-Methylpyrazole-4-boronic acid pinacolate (MPBP), CAS No. 761446-44-0
  • 2-Chloro nicotinic acid (CNA), CAS No. 2942-59-8
  • 3,6,9-Trioxadecanoic acid (TODS), CAS No. 16024-58-1
  • 3,6,9-Trioxaundecanedioic acid (TUDS), CAS No. 13887-98-4
  • 3,6-Dioxaoctanedioic acid (DOODS), CAS No. 23243-68-7
  • 4-(Hydroxymethyl)phenyl boronic acid (4-HMPBA), CAS No. 59016-93-2
  • 4-(Trifluoromethoxy)phenyl boronic acid (TRIFABA), CAS No. 139301-27-2
  • 4-Carboxyphenyl boronic acid (4-CPBA), CAS No. 14047-29-1
  • 4-Ethoxycarbonylphenyl boronic acid (4-ECPBA), CAS No. 4334-88-7
  • 4-Formylphenyl boronic acid (4-FPBA), CAS No. 87199-17-5
  • 4-Pyridine boronic acid (4-PyBA), CAS No. 1692-15-5
  • Cyclopropyl boronic acid, CAS No. 411235-57-9
  • Indazole-6-boronic acid pinacolate (INDA), CAS No. 937049-58-6
  • n-Propanephosphonic acid anhydride (T3P), CAS No. 68957-94-8
  • Potassium dibenzylphosphate, CAS No. 78543-37-0
  • Sulfur trioxide pyridine complex, CAS No. 26412-87-3
  • Vinylphosphonic acid (VPS), CAS No. 1746-03-8

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