Whether you need an in-house course on chemical development, rapid reformulation or technical or scientific advice on intellectual property, we can help solve your most complex solid state problems. Leverage the most trusted and comprehensive cGMP solid state chemistry services available. Our proprietary software allows us to collect and process volumes of data more quickly than ever before, translating into more informed and faster decision-making capabilities for you.

Our comprehensive problem-solving capabilities include:

  • Distinguishing solid forms
  • Identifying functionality at crystal faces to aid in morphology design
  • Improving API stability by monitoring and reducing levels of crystal imperfections
  • Understanding unexpected XRPD patterns during manufacturing or process development
  • Controlling flow properties during milling by monitoring microstructure
  • Improving stability of amorphous material
  • Finding a new form by studying X-ray amorphous materials
  • Carrying out cGMP quantitative mixture analysis
  • Using order-disorder relationships as a new method of patenting solid forms