AMRI is capable of handling all your ISTA 6 Amazon needs. We are capable of certifying your product-package in one of the three tiers.

  • Tier 1: Frustration Free Packaging
  • Tier 2: Ships in its Own Container
  • Tier 3: Prep-Free Packaging

Why is ISTA 6 Amazon Testing Important?

Both your company and Amazon alike want to make customers happy with the products they purchase. To do this, it is crucial that your product arrives to the customer in its intended condition; damage-free, functional, no leakage, etc. To help preserve your products condition, items that are fragile or susceptible to damage / leakage are immediately sidelined once entering the Amazon distribution network and go through a prep process to add additional protective packaging.

The distribution simulations presented in the ISTA 6 Amazon standard allow you to test the ability of your product to remain damage free while undergoing the stresses associated with delivery. If your product-package meets the requirement set out for Tier 1, 2, or 3, your product will no longer be flagged by Amazon as requiring prep.

In addition to the benefits to the customer, your company can benefit from the reduction or removal of Amazon prep chargebacks and reduce your own costs by simplifying packaging that no longer needs to grab the customer’s attention in an e-Commerce environment.

What Tier do I Fall Into?

  • Tier 1 – Frustration Free Packaging (SIOC)
    • Curbside Recyclable Packaging Materials
    • Easy to Open
    • Minimal Packaging
    • Ships without an Amazon Overbox
    • Minimal Damage / Defect Rates
    • No Prep Required by Amazon
  • Tier 2 – Ships in its Own Container (SIOC)
    • Ships without an Amazon Overbox
    • Minimal Damage / Defect Rates
    • No Prep Required by Amazon
  • Tier 3 – Prep-Free Packaging
    • Minimal Damage / Defect Rates
    • No Prep Required by Amazon

What is Overbox?

Over Boxing is when Amazon packs and ships your product in a standard size corrugated shipping container, either as a single product shipment or multi product shipment. Passing the ISTA 6 Amazon Overbox testing allows for Tier 3 certification.

What is SIOC?

SIOC, or Ships-In-Own-Container, represents packaged-products shipped by vendors to Amazon fulfillment centers and then ultimately delivered to the customer without changing its packaging. See the chart below to determine which Tier 1 / Tier 2 testing type your package falls into.

SIOC Breakdown
Testing TypeHandling MethodWeight and Dimensions
AStandard Handling MethodLess than 50lbs & Girth equal or less than 165’’
BStandard Handling Method50lbs to 100lbs & Girth equal or less than 165’’
CStandard Handling Method100lbs or greater & Girth equal or less than 165’’
DStandard Handling MethodLess than 100lbs or Girth greater than 165’’
EStandard Handling Method100lbs or greater or Girth greater than 165’’
FPallet Handling MethodN/A
GStandard Handling MethodLess than 150lbs & Girth equal or less than 165’’
HStandard Handling Method150lbs or greater or Girth equal or less than 165’’