Package Testing – Environmental Conditioning

AMRI employs High Performance Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) environmental chambers to provide Conditioning, Accelerated Aging and Real Time Storage programs to pharmaceutical/biotechnology, medical device and consumer product manufacturers.

Accelerated Aging is performed on materials, products and packaging systems including packaged medical devices to provide a theoretical equivalent to real time shelf life. We carry out both accelerated aging and real time aging for life science packaging. Accelerated Aging (AA) conditioning based on the Q10 theory of ASTM F1980 allows you to evaluate your package system performance. AMRI maintains a series of qualified test chambers to assist you in evaluating and defining shelf life claims in a fraction of the time. Additionally, we also offer Real Time (RT) Aging programs/storage at typical conditions in one, integrated laboratory.

AMRI continually upgrades and expands our equipment line-up. Core conditions currently available:

  • -30°C to +60°C Walkin Environmental Chamber for Larger Projects
  • +23°C ± 1°C /50% RH ± 2% Walkin Environmental Chamber for Real Time/Controlled Environment, ASTM and TAPPI
  • Various Reach in and Bench Top Chambers with capabilities from -70°C to +190°C for developmental studies
  • +5°C ± 3°C ICH Refrigerated Long-Term Storage
  • +25°C ± 2°C /60% RH ± 5% ICH Long-Term/Accelerated (Refrigerated)
  • +30°C ± 2°C /65% RH ± 5% ICH Intermediate (Zones I, II, III and IVa)
  • +30°C ± 2°C /75% RH ± 5% ICH Long Term (Zone IVb)
  • +40°C ± 2°C /75% RH ± 5% ICH Accelerated (Zones I-IV)
  • -20°C ± 5°C ICH Long-Term (Frozen)
  • -70°C through -90°C Cryogenic Storage

We are happy to assist customers to better understand the testing requirements, the available test options and how to execute packaging validation projects on time and on budget.

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