Let our experts subject your package to the rigors of distribution simulation so you can design and ship your packaged product in confidence.

Packaged products must be able to withstand the events associated with manufacture, storage and distribution without damage. Our ISTA- and ISO 17025-certified package testing laboratory provides distribution simulation services in accordance with the most current test methods from ASTM and ISTA. Distribution simulation testing provides a uniform and repeatable way of evaluating packaged products and packaging designs by using standardized equipment and procedures to subject the packaging to anticipated hazards that may occur with routine distribution.

Our package testing laboratory provides drop (shock), random vibration, loose load vibration and compression testing — all performed on the most modern, industry-recognized equipment from Lansmont Corporation.

ASTM D4169/ISTA Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 Tests/ASTM D7386

By using a series of environmental conditioning chambers with temperature ranges from -70° to 170°C with full relative humidity control, we can precondition your packages to simulate any shipping environment. Altitude testing/simulation is also available in a single integrated laboratory.

With our Lansmont Saver field data recorders, we can monitor your real-time shipments for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and pressure. The data allows us to assess and characterize both the dynamic and atmospheric hazards present within measured transport and in-use environments. You’ll know exactly what your product is exposed to so that you can adequately package it in a cost-effective manner.

As members of ASTM and ISTA, our engineers can help you interpret and navigate test standards. Advocating education in package testing, we consult with you so you fully understand test sequencing and methods and can select proper testing for your package’s design and distribution.

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