Our expert team offers parenteral vial capping and residual seal force (RSF) testing of parenteral package systems. When we apply RSF testing in conjunction with leak test methods such as helium leak detection or vacuum decay testing, we can determine an optimal range of residual seal force values that correlate with a reduced risk of leakage resulting from improper capping force.

Residual seal force is not a leak test but an indirect measure of the compressive force exerted by the stopper on the vial’s land surface. Genesis staff operate a Genesis Westcapper RW50 in our laboratory to apply closures at a range of compressive forces. We monitor the vial’s resistance to compression to gain an objective measure of residual seal force.

A quality seal requires an optimal amount of compressive force during the capping process. Insufficient force may result in leakage, and excessive force may result in cracking and bulging. Both risk the integrity of the closure system. RSF testing is especially valuable if your objective is to establish optimal sealing parameters or implement a sampling procedure during product production.

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