To provide advanced seal-quality inspection of pouches and tray seals, our container closure integrity experts perform seal-scan testing to identify defects such as inconsistent seals and areas of the seal in which the minimum seal width requirement is not met.

Airborne ultrasound technology, such as that found in PTI’s Seal-Scan system, offers an approach to assess seal quality in conditions where seals have defects but do not leak. Areas with poor seal quality typically have gas pockets, which reduce the amount of ultrasound passing through the seal area. Another type of defect, such as foreign material in the seal area, may increase overall transmittance of ultrasound.

Our experts can present data quantitatively or in the form of a qualitative “pass,” “warn” or “fail” if method development is performed. In addition, we can compile a high-resolution digital image of the seal quality from multiple scans.

In collaboration with PTI, we offer comprehensive method development and validation services, as well as routine testing of samples in a cGMP environment.

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