October 3, 2018

  • Express, standard, and advanced LC-MS/MS bioanalytical methods designed to support specific stages of drug discovery.
  • Measurement of drug concentrations in complex biological matrices, including plasma, whole blood, urine, bile, and various organs and tissues.
  • Pharmacokinetic modeling and calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters.
  • Preformulation development for animal dosing.
  • In vivo animal dosing and sample collection available via our partners.

 Test Compound Requirement for Bioanalytical Method Development: 

  • Express: 1-2 mg dry powder or 10 µL of 10 mg/mL DMSO stock solution.
  • Standard: 4-5 mg dry powder or 20 µL of 10 mg/mL DMSO stock solution.
  • Advanced: 8-10 mg dry powder or 50 µL of 10 mg/mL DMSO stock solution

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