October 3, 2018

Assay System: 

  • Cryopreserved hepatocytes in suspension.
  • Human hepatocytes are pooled from 10 donors (mixed gender).  All other species are male.
  • Cytotoxicity of test compound measured by comparing cell viability of hepatocytes incubated with test compound against vehicle control.

Assay Conditions: 

Test Compound Concentration8 concentrations ranging from 300-0.14 µM
Percent Organic Solvent in Incubation1% DMSO
Incubation Time4 hours
Incubation Conditions37°C, 5% CO2, and saturating humidity
Positive ControlTamoxifen
Negative ControlAcetaminophen
Number of Repeats3
Hepatocyte Concentration106 viable cells/mL

Deliverable: LC50 of test compound.

Test Compound Requirement: 2-3 mg dry powder or 100-200 µL of 30 mM DMSO stock solution.

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