Products and Services

Facilities and Equipment

AMRIAlbany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) is committed to providing its customers’ services that use the safest, most technologically advanced facilities and equipment, as can be seen by: 

  • Over $100 million in plant upgrades at AMRI Rensselaer in the past decade
  • Over $25 million in plant upgrades planned for AMRI India facilities in next 5 years
  • Production capacities of facilities ranging from gram-scale through hundreds of metric tons.
  • Expertise in handling high potency, controlled, and generic substances
  • Total reactor capacity greater than 160,000 liters, with reactor volumes up to 8,000 liters
  • Facilities engineered to the most stringent standards for safety, material handling, process control, and efficiency
  • Excellent FDA Compliance history

Primary features of AMRI’s manufacturing facilities and equipment include:

  • Experienced staff dedicated to cGMP synthesis
  • Fourteen walk-in hoods and a pilot plant
  • -78 C to 250 C, variety of glass, steel and alloy reactors
  • 8 L to 75 L steel and hastelloy pressure reactors
  • Experience at using reactive reagents
  • Built in services (house glycol, solvent transfer, etc.)
  • Six isolated, flexible and well-equipped suites dedicated to small scale manufacturing
  • Large-scale biotage chromatography

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