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Natural Product LibraryAlbany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)  has invested millions of dollars to assemble one of the world’s most unique and diverse natural product collections comprised of microbial and botanical extracts, along with the supporting scientific infrastructure to identify and develop hits.

These compound collections include a lead-finding resource of approximately 300,000 screening wells of crude extracts and prefractionated natural product samples which can be tested at client facilities or at AMRI. The libraries are supported by advanced technologies and expertise for de-replication, structure elucidation, derivitization and scale-up.

Natural product samples provide broad chemical diversity not typically found in synthetic chemical libraries. Large portions of the pharmaceutical industry were built and remain largely dependent upon natural product derived drugs to treat indications ranging from pain, to high cholesterol, to antibiotics to cancer.

Key characteristics of the Natural Product Libraries include:

  • Nearly 300,000 samples derived from marine and terrestrial microorganisms and plants
  • Full natural product support (fermentation, isolation, structure determination)
  • High throughput natural product screening and high throughput active component identification

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