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January 05, 2006

Albany Molecular Research, Inc. Accelerates Vesting of Certain Stock Options

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Albany, NY (January 5, 2006) -- Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRI) announced today that its Board of Directors has accelerated the vesting of stock options awarded under the company’s Stock Option and Incentive Plan with an exercise price of $15.00 or greater.

The Board’s action, which took effect on December 30, 2005, accelerates the vesting period of options held by AMRI employees to purchase approximately 1.3 million shares of the company’s common stock. Of these, approximately 1.0 million options are held by AMRI employees other than executive officers, approximately 225,000 options are held by AMRI executive officers, and approximately 75,000 are held by non-employee directors. All of these options were “underwater” based on the closing market price of $12.15 on December 30, 2005.

The decision to accelerate vesting of these stock options was made primarily to avoid recognizing compensation cost in the Consolidated Statement of Operations in future financial statements upon the adoption of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.123 (revised 2004), Share-Based Payment (“SFAS 123R”), which, when effective, will require all share-based payments to employees, including grants of employee stock options, to be recognized on the company's financial statements based on their fair values. SFAS 123R becomes effective for the company beginning January 1, 2006 and requires the company to record compensation expense for all outstanding unvested options, including underwater options. The accelerated vesting of these underwater options is expected to result in the elimination of approximately $4.4 million in pre-tax share-based compensation expense in future periods.

As a condition to the acceleration, the Board required that each executive officer and non-employee director refrain from selling common shares acquired upon the exercise of accelerated options (other than shares needed to cover the exercise price and satisfy withholding taxes) until the date on which the exercise would have been permitted under the option’s pre-acceleration vesting terms or, if earlier, the officer’s or director’s last day of employment or upon a change in control.

Albany Molecular Research, Inc. is a global drug discovery company that provides chemistry services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and conducts its own proprietary R&D programs.

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