AMRI SingaporeAMRI’s Singapore Research Centre, Pte. Ltd. provides chemistry and biology services to support drug discovery and development programs. AMRI is one of the first drug discovery R&D companies to establish operations in Singapore. Fully integrated with AMRI’s locations in the United States, Asia, and Europe, the Singapore centre offers medicinal chemistry services such as hit-to-lead and lead optimization as well as focused library synthesis / custom synthesis. In the area of biology / in vitro pharmacology, the Singapore Research Centre provides target validation; assay development; HTS; rapid production of SAR quality data; and in vitro ADMET support, including CYP inhibition, metabolic stability (liver microsome assays), and aqueous solubility. As a signatory to the World Patent Treaty, Singapore provides an environment that protects intellectual property, enabling our scientists to conduct proprietary and cutting-edge research on behalf of our customers.

Areas of Expertise: Discovery Services

Contact Information:
61 Science Park Road
#05-01 The Galen
Singapore Science Park II
Singapore 117525

Phone: +65-6398-5500
Fax: +65-6398-5511

For Business Development Inquiries, please contact: 1.518.512.2345 or use our inquiry form.